Mittwoch, 22. April 2009

Translation - Part 5 (Finally the last part ^^)

Since Friday in Zürich

Netrebko is since Friday with her fiancé and her seven month old child in Zürich, on Saturday had she her first rehearsal with the opera house orchestra. She takes in Jürgen Flimm's "Traviata" staging the role of Violetta, according to custom at resumptions is the stage director himself not attendant, the production results from the assistant director. The "Traviata" performances with Netrebko in Zürich where already sold-out, before the actual advance sale started. Houndreds of orders had to be declined - despite of the for the opera house highest possible ticket prices till 380 Franken per seat. The three performances are shared over a whole week. So Netrebko would have the time for acting out the her rumored shopping passion at the Bahnhofsstrasse.


Cardiff Traviata hat gesagt…

Thanks for the translations :)))

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

It's a pleasure for me, to help you understanding a bit ;))