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In anticipation of Netrebko

In anticipation of Netrebko
Before the "Traviata" guest play

Sleep four times ! Next wednesday it's finally the day: The first performance of the russian star soprano at the opera house. In November 2005 could she be the first time heard live in Zürich, together with the tenor Rolando Villazón. But this was something different: a mega event in the 13 000 seats spanning Hallenstadion with huge hoardings and a comprehensive interview campaign. This time it's for the art. The name Netrebko stands as small as all the others in the opera's daily insertation - understandable, cause the 2200 in the free sale available seats for the three performances on 22nd, 26th and 29th April are sold out long ago. An actuall advance sale didn't excist, explains director Alexander Pereira. Already short before the beginning of the advance-advance sale, where you can only order tickets via written order, was the opera house practically inundated with requests.

More than 3000 orders had to be declined. In comparison with "normal" performances was also the demand from abroad, especially from Germany and Austria, superior. The three performances appear in the price range 1 (gala), the most expensive seats cost 380 Franken. But "Of course" Anna Netrebko doesn't get more than the effective maximum fee, so that a respectable gain should result of out of this for the opera house.

And how are the artistic preparations for such a guest performance going on ? Planned was it already a time ago, and from the begin was Verdi's "Traviata" chosen, that act, in which Anna Netrebko caused a forore in Salzburg 2005. As well was concerted since the begin that Piotr Beczala will sing the tenor role of Alfredo Germont (Both performed repeatedly in "La Traviata", recently also in "Lucia di Lammermoor" at the New York's Met, as Beczala replaced the ill Villazón.) Anna Netrebko familiarized herself with Jürgen Flimm's staging firstly on the basis of the existing DVD-recording. Now will she seatle in the production in at least three play rehearsals and one stage-orchestra-rehearsal. The costumes will not differ from the original ones, but they are new manufactured especial on her bulk.

Opera fans are persevering and so it wouldn't be surprising if there will be long queues in front of the cash boxes on wednesday. Is there at least just a minimal chance that tickets get short-term available ? "No, unfortunately not", is Pereira's answer. But who wants to hear and see La Netrebko once live at the opera house have despite not to abandon hope, cause according to Pereira there exist plans for further performances at the opera house. And also this is betrayed: In the next season you can also experience Rolando Villazón here.

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