Freitag, 24. April 2009

Rolando at "3 nach 9"

Rolando will tomorrow be guest at the german tv show "3 nach 9" which is broadcast live on "NDR" starting at 10:00 p.m. till 00:00 p.m. He will talk about his new album "Händel". The show is moderated by Amelie Fried and Giovanni di Lorenzo. Other guests tommorow are: Sonja Kraus, Silbermond, Sarah Kuttner, Arthur Abraham, Dirk Roßmann and Axel Hacke.

Ps: Cause of his laryngitis and the whole situation I was worried about if he will really come tomorrow, I mean the guests are invited already for a long time, and so I wrote an email to "3 nach " where I asked if Rolando is still scheduled and they answered me "yes" !!! =))


catherine la parsienne hat gesagt…

Merci Christina pour cette intéressante information.
Pourras-tu enregistrer l'émission ?

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Unfortunately I'm not at home today evening =(( but a friend of mine will record it for me =)