Freitag, 10. April 2009

Dress rehearsal of "Wetten, dass?.."

The translation

At the moment rehearsals Rolando Villazón on show stage. The star tenor is already a regular at “Wetten, dass..??” and he is happy about that with him is once again the classical music represented in the show.

Rolando: Classical music is for everybody and cause of this I am here, I want to show this fantastic music to all people here in Germany and if I can do that, I’m happy.

With Rolando Villazón is good mood assured like here 2 years ago, as “Wetteinlösung” he had to ride an electric bull.

Moderator: You are as I have noticed an unbelievable happy and unbelievable humorous person, is it really like this ?

Rolando: No ! Yes but I am, I am, I am like everybody else here, like everybody at home, a person and complete. There are sad moments, there are happy moments, but I focus on the happy things in life and I think cause of this I can laugh a lot.

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