Freitag, 24. April 2009

State opera Berlin - Season schedule 2009/2010

The state opera Berlin's season schedule 2009/2010 is finally published !

Click here for watching it =)

Well Rolando will be again during the Festtage the Lenski in Achim Freyer's production of Eugene Onegin, on 26th, 31st March, 02nd April and 05th June 2010 conducted by Daniel Barenboim and as we also know already will Anna give a Liederabend with Daniel Barenboim au piano on 29th March 2010 (By the way one day after my 20th birthday...^^)


Carlos hat gesagt…

Christina, those are the dates of the Festtage.

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Oh sh**, yeah I was SOO in a hurry yesterday, that I didn't really realize that when I posted it...thanks Carlos !!! ;)

Carlos hat gesagt…

So, Rolando will sing in the 2 performances within the Festtage 2010, plus 2 performances on 2 and 5 June. I think that the cast is pretty good, including Anna Samuil and René Pape.