Dienstag, 21. April 2009

Translation - Part 1

The diva is coming, Zürich trembles

Anna Netrebko, the biggest star of the presence, performs tomorrow for the first time at the Zürich opera. The excitement is huge - and despite you try to do, if it is a totally normale performance.

If "Maria Callas' successor, or "biggest opera star since Luciano Pavarotti", there are many terms for Anna Netrebko. Is her name anywhere named at the opera scene, there's going a light tremble through the row. Maybe cause everywhere where Netrebko stands on, the money is rolling in; maybe cause you find the hype the person suspicious. But even at the ones who think that a performance at "Wetten, dass...?" and a constantly presence in gossip magazines are incongruous with art, you feel that they are in privat a bit proud again, that the opera produced once again a big worldstar, a real diva.

More follows tomorrow. Sleep well =)

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