Mittwoch, 25. März 2009

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Rolando Villazón doesn't care too much about famousness

Star tenor Rolando Villazón doens't want to care too much about the hype about him. "You mustn't give nothing too much relevance. Which counts, are in the end health and the people, who you love. And that you are better not pride yourself on your so-called famousness", told the 37 years old the magazine "Bunte". "Prominence is fragile like a house of cards. You have to be able to live also without it." The singer paused at last because of exhaustion for six months. He likes "to do normal housework. I can indeed not cook, but meanwhile good cleaning-up and flushing", said the twice father. He describes his ritual before every performance like this: "I always look into the mirror before and say loud: Don't forget, today is the most important performance in your life, give all." About his future plans said Villazón: "My life is more than I have expected in my dreams. I will always rest opera singer. But I can not imagine to race from one opera to another till the age of 50." He searchs new challenges "I want for instance soon work as stage director, although I have actually more than enough to do in my main profession singer."


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Please, Where is this interview, CristinaLuise? Thank You!

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But it is originally in german