Sonntag, 29. März 2009

Part of the translation of Rolando's interview in "die Welt" one post down under

"Baroque is like a pop song"

The tenor Rolando Villazón about his new love for Händel and the conclusion of his voice crisis

Händel instead of Verdi - is this jubilee strategy or voice therapy ?

Rolando Villazón: Nor ! Or both at the same time. It is part of the adventure, as which I still understand my singing. Also between Verdi and Puccini are already stylistic worlds apart. I can make very surprising serendipities for myself here.Yes, but the one is the usual tenor-terrain and by the other the guards of the pure baroque doctrine are feeling defiant.

Villazón: Should they just. I think, I have by all means something to say in this music. May the purists bleat, I know, that I polarise here. The ones like a more male, stronger voice, the others are furious, because it doesn't comply with their stylistic ideal. But I don't do this for provoking. The whole thing trace back to Cecilia Bartoli's Vivaldi album, which I heard for the first time in the year 2000. This is till today one of my favourite discs. I admire this music and thought since then, what a joy this must be, to sing this music. But of course, I had far too much respect. And then came Emanuelle Haim's invitation to engage me in Monteverdi. I swallowed and and tried it. I matched my voice to this melody- and sensationworld - and suddenly the door was open !

It's as simple as that ?

Villazón: Of course not ! It was fu***** much work. But beautiful work. Seldom have I laved so full of relish in notes. This music lets total liberty and is however also controlled. You reach very much with less nuance. The voice appears there like under a microscope. After I caught fire. And wanted to create a baroque album with arias of several composers. But Paul McCreesh, who I owe stylistic endless much and who teached me again and again during a year of preparation, restricted then the trace to an Händel-album - of course also cause of the jubilee. But never fear


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Thank you for the translation. I am waiting for the "suite"....
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