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Seitenblicke Magazin translation

"We are going to marry soon - very soon !"

In the role of Don Giovanni bewitchs Erwin Schrott as excessive rake more society ladies at the same time. He must do it, cause anyhow he's still standing on stage of the theatre an der Wien with this cokish input with the topic love till 14th August. In real life has he as is known only eyes for the one - Anna Netrebko. The bass-baritone, who is classified as "the opera's latin lover", is together with her since now already two years. Junior Tiago Arua caps already since eleven months the happiness. And in truth there's only just one thing still missing: the big final, the dream couples' dream marriage.

"We know the place and we know the date !"

Exactly this event is soon coming, like Erwin Schrott whistle-blew exclusively at the premiere party at the Viennese hotel Le Meridien: "It will happen soon - very soon ! We know the place and we know the date." Trailer label with a smile: "But we will as a matter of course not tell you this !" A few details did Schrott on enquiry then still leave out. "It doesn't matter, if the exercises are big or small. In any case it will be nothing pompous. We want however to be our families there, too - and they have first to arrive from south Russia and South America. So it wasn't that easy, to find a date when everybody has time. But surprisingly we made it."

In the middle of August or at the beginning of September ?

If you take a look at the full schedules of Netrebko and Schrott, there's a three week lasting time frame, which is like made for an holiday including marriage. On 17th August has Netrebko at Salzburg in the context of a Liederabend with Daniel Barenboim anyway her last summer date - and her family is of course on board, too. "Tiago and I will accompany Anna to Salzburg. We will enjoy the time together and go on holiday after", spilled Schrott the beans. The destination indeed couldn't be wormed out of the likable singer. Possible that the both will stay in Austria - and marry here, cause Bella Anna chose our land as center of her life. As wedding location would tender for example the Salzburger castle Mirabell (with Austrias' most beautiful civil registry office) - or an excursion into the Wachau with a Donau ship.

What the bride says about this topic ? This experience you in the lastest issue of the "Seitenblicke Magazin" !

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