Dienstag, 4. August 2009

The austrian tv channel "ORF2" will broadcast an emission called "DO IT AGAIN ANNA !" on 15th August starting 09:55 a.m. which is about the rehearsaling time of nozze in 2006.


Experience Anna Netrebko close ? Four weeks long accompanied Sylvia Griess and Alexander Hellbrügge the unchallenged soprano star of the Salzburger Festspiele 2006 with the camera during the rehearsals of "Le nozze di Figaro".

The gentle notes' mistress

Perceptible wasn't only the fascinating atmosphere of the intesive rehearsaling time and the struggling of all performers for each scene. The team experienced also an Anna Netrebko, who ensorcelled with gentle notes.

Affinity to Mozart

Mozart seems to suit the russian soprano in general very well, cause it was the role of Susanna, in which she debuted successfully at the Mariinksy theatre in St. Petersburg. Anna Netrebko's final break through succeeded her in Mozart's "Don Giovanni" at the Salzburger Festspiele.

Played to the gallery

At that time it was stage director Martin Kusej, who played the role of Donna Anna ,and for this reason her performer Anna Netrebko, to the gallery. In "Le nozze di Figaro" followed La Netrebko gladly Claus Guth's instructions, who searched in lieu of a lively, comedic staging rather the sage discussion and puts his interpretation close to Ibsen and Strindberg.

Ensemble play

Mozart's "Figaro" is in the first instance an ensemble play, which gets his strain out of a variable amorous relationship of all participants.

Star round dance

At the Salzburger production assisted Anna Netrebko top-class colleagues: Ildebrando d'Arcangelo embodied the - his butler role far striding - Figaro, Bo Skovhus created his gent, the count Almaviva. Dorothea Röschmann languished longingly in the countess' role, while Christine Schäfer as "Cherubino" lurched into the first erotic experiences.

Musicaly set in scene by conductor Nikolaus Harnoncourt and the Wiener philharmonics, was this "Figaro" the most successful production of the Salzburger Festspiele 2006.

ORF2 will furthermore broadcast "Le nozze di Figaro" the following day, 16th August starting 09:05 a.m. =)


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Übregens, am 9.08.09 um 9:00h zeigt ORF2 "Don Giovanni" mit Erwin Schrott von Salzburger Festspielen 2008.

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Danke für den Tipp dvedas ! =)