Mittwoch, 5. August 2009

Anna and Erwin are going to marry soon ??!!

Anna Netrebko and Erwin Schrott want to marry

Where, don't they "as a matter of course" want to say, said the bridegroom to-be.

The wedding of opera diva Anna Netrebko and her partner, the Uruguayian bass-baritone Erwin Schrott, is manifest instantaneous in the offing. Under discussion with the on Thursday releasing "Seitenblicke Magazin" said Schrott: "It will happen soon - very soon ! We know the place and we know the date."
Trailer label: "But we will as a matter of course not tell you this !"

A few details whistle-blew Schrott despite: "It doesn't matter if the exercises are big or small. In any case it will be nothing pompous. We want however to be our families there, too - and they have first to arrive from south Russia and South America. So it wasn't that easy, to find a date when everybody has time. But surprisingly we made it."

Netrebko acted a bit more cryptic concerning the date to "Seitenblicke Magazin": "We are a very happy couple. And of course are we going to marry", said she."But it is very difficult to arrange all the necessary documents. This lasts more than a week."

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