Mittwoch, 26. August 2009

Erwin now divorced and free for Anna ???

Is the way finally free for marriage with Anna Netrebko ?

In fact, only off the record the fine Festspiel society is whispering about. But since Erwin Schrott (36) recently talked in public about his marriage intentions with Anna Netrebko (37), is there nearly daily a piece of news out of the two opera stars' house.

Divorce ?

So well informed quarters want to know, that Schrott - who was said to be married thitherto - divorced his ex-wife on Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock in Vienna.

One step, which would finally open the door wide for the Schrott-Netrebko marriage.

Out of a former relation has Schrott the 11 years old daughter Lara.Together with Netrebko he has junior Tiago - the boy celebrates next week Saturday first birthday. For this occasion is a party in the family circle planned. And who knows, perhaps the couple takes this wonderful day for occasion, for finally closing the bond of matrimony for their perfect luck.

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