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Anna in Vienna - Mr. Schrott's Giovanni

Last Saturday had Anna's fiancé Erwin had the premiere as Don Giovanni at the Theatre at the Wien (of course in Vienna, like the name shows already ^^). There are many reviews in the german press and I will translate you the most interessting parts for us all - or better said the parts where they are talking about Anna ;)

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"Erwin Schrott: The male Netrebko

Erwin Schrott is young, very good trained and has a great voice - as it were the male pendant to Anna Netrebko. With which he is even allied, too.

An adonis of the opera world, whom the role of the series-entiser seems to be taylor made - whereby he is not really happy with. Rather he sees himself in the role of the paterfamilias, who cares about his eleven year old daughter Iara and his little son Tiago. He is descended out of his relation with Anna Netrebko, with which he is allied since about 2 years - and he wants to marry her, too. Admittedly there is before still a bagatelle to deal with, namely the divorce of his first wife. When this will happen or if he even got it already over is a well-kept secret.

Less shrouded in mystery is his love to Anna Netrebko, which fills the gossip columns - and with which Schrott was firstly really getting famous to a broad public. As "Brangelina" of the opera scene are the both faces demanded objects of the photographers at public performances. So also on Saturday at the theatre an der Wien. Hardly after the final chord was faded, attacked the photographers already into the singers' direction, who was listing at the audience the performance of her fiancé, for catching few pictures of the couple while celebrating.

That Schrott's career is only dued to the liaison with Netrebko, is something which the Uruguayan as expected doesn't like to hear. Just as little that he is standing in her shadow. [...]"

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"[...] What should happend indeed on Saturday first with the final applause, were hot encounters of the paparazzi, which furnished around Erwin Schrotts fiancée Anna Netrebko, who was the hype quite obvious too much, poor scenes in the auditorium. Blood crept here as if by a miracle not."

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"[...] The leading part assumed Anna Netrebko's fiancé Erwin Schrott, with who the opera singer has a son. [...] Erwin Schrott can be seen as Don Giovanni. The opera diva Anna Netrebko's fiancé sliped for the first time into the role of the legendary beau. Netrebko was also attendat at the premiere."

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"Anna Netrebko in love with her "Don Giovanni"

Opera star Anna Netrebko didn't let her smart knave of hearts out of her sight. Totaly in love did she hold hands with Erwin Schrott after the premiere of "Don Giovanni" on Sunday evening in the theatre an der Wien. Already at the rehearsals of the Mozart opera was the classy beauty teeming around her Erwin all along. "I love it, if she's there", explained the beloved, "if they would ask me, we would be together 24 hours a day, 356 Tage a year."

Also at the following premiere party at the hotel Meridien took Anna and Erwin centre stage.[...]"

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"Anna could be contended yesterday evening - Anna Netrebko with her partner Erwin Schrott, who gave on Saturday at the theatre an der Wien a sparkling Don Giovanni, and the singer of Donna Anna, the polish soprano Aleksandra Kurzak (who looks a bit like her russian-austrian colleague), with her cooperation at this resuming of a Mozart year production.

[...] And the photographers hype around the spectator Anna Netrebko was hardly less then in Salzburg. [...]"


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