Mittwoch, 5. August 2009

Calendar - ChristinaLuises' crazy system

A few minutes ago, when I updated the calendar a bit I realized that my system of organizing or well better said cause of Rolando is maybe not so clear and could perhaps shock somebody a bit if he sees the word "CANCELLED" and then the name "Anna" following.
So here's the explanation of my calendar system ^^: The word "CANCELLED" appears before every single performance which Rolando has cancelled cause of his vocal chord cyste, even the performances with Anna where another tenor will team up with her are consisting this ! So don't wonder if you see "CANCELLED" before L'elisir with Anna in Paris, she will of course sing, but I just wanted to remember that Rolando was actually scheduled for this. Normally if Anna and/or Rolando are cancelling something I only remove from calendar and don't make a notice.

I hope it's a bit clearer now ;)

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