Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

Today's Lucia

What do you all, who have listened to it, think about ?? I listened to it live via Radio and I have to say that I think it was absolutely fantastic !!! Anna sounded as she have never been away from stage ! The madness scene with the cadenza was great ! Are their anyones who watched it live at the Met or in cinema ? Please comment ! We are all interessted in ! =)


Carlos hat gesagt…

It was a wondeful performance! She was great. I think it was the best of all the 4 performances of the run. I liked also Beczala and Kwiecien. People at the Met seems that they have been enjoying also very much.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I have just returned from my local cinema's live transmission and have not yet come back down to earth! As Carlos says it was a truly wonderful performance.
Anna was simply superb, both in her singing and acting - so good in fact that many of us in the cinema were applauding along with everybody at the Met. both during and after the performance. It was surreal!
Kwiecien was also outstanding as Enrico, and Beczala did extraordinarily well as Edgardo, standing in for Villazon at such very short notice. However without doubt, Anna was the jewel in the crown.
I was also very impressed by the way the two long intervals of about 30 minutes each between acts were filled in by very interesting interviews with several of the performers, including Anna - who gave all of us in the cinema audiences a cheery wave! - and the excellent conductor Marco Armiliato.
We were also given a very interesting look behind the scenes as the sets were changed - and reminded that it was indeed a live transmission when one of the stage hands was heard to exclaim "oh s**t!"
A wonderful evening - this was my first experience of a live HD transmission but it will certainly not be my last. Terrific value and enjoyment.

Anonym hat gesagt…

So will this performance be released on DVD?

vivaverdi hat gesagt…

great performance! Anna Netrebko.

I am a Korean.

my english writing is poor.

but I was impressed to her song.

my blog Introduces her song today'

bob hat gesagt…

Sorry if I have a different opinion and if I disappoint Anna.s fans.
I watched the opera in HD cinema and the general impression was that it was I nice show. Interesting direction and sets, wonderful to very good singing ( Kwiecien to Ildar Abr. as Raimundo), an honorable if not stylish Edgardo....but sorry, no Miss Lucia, not the way she has to be, the way the genius of Donizetti has imagined her through the gorgeous music.
If you don.t have belcanto technique, you can not perform such a role in a verismo way.And this is what was done. Lucia sung as Tosca or Manon.
No trace of sublime romantic exaltation.No real mad scene, no nothing.
And it is a shame that not even all the notes WRITTEN bz the composers were to be heard.
Sorry, but if zou don.t have these notes, go and sing Mimi .

And this is happening at the Met, with people sensitive giving ovation for a non+performance.

Did ever Met direction heard of la Devia or La Mosuc...I guess not...since thez do not have such a shameful marketing behind...

Anonym hat gesagt…

About Rolando cancellation: some people say that the have quarelled with each othter. I don not believe that, but it can explain, why he cancelled his participation in Iolantha. Do you know something about the real reasons of his decision? And by the way, I heard Anna on 14.01.09 in Saint-Petersbug. She was fantastic,believe me. Now her voice sounds bettter then before she did not had baby.

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

@anonym: You stayed at the Mariinksy on 14th ? Great ! =)

@bob: I agree with you that Lucia is not one of the roles I would love her sing, but she sang it very good yesterday !

Anonym hat gesagt…

Yes, I live in Saint-Petersburg and Anna appers here not very often. So it was a rare opportunity to see and hear her live. When she appeared everyone applaused and I was near to cry wneh I heared her. Her voice stayed with her and became even better. And now I feel so sad about her and Rolando...

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Oh yes I agree with you -> I want my "Traumpaar" back =*(

dvedas hat gesagt…

Ich war bei der Live-Übertragung aus der Met und kann sagen, ANNA war hervorrageng wie sängerisch und spielerisch!
Ich wünsche mir, dass diese Produktion auf DVDs veröffentlicht wird. Ich kaufe mir gleich die DVD.