Dienstag, 24. Februar 2009


Here's the promised translation:

And actually you could cheer "We are tenor" well at least a little bit, cause his grand-parents were Germans emigrated to Mexico and they sent him at the German school there. But that's already all with German, everything else of this man is so mexican how it could just be. He is full of spirits, energetic, always conforioso (?) and now this derwish of all fell in love with the german baroque musics' calmness, clearness and contemplativeness, with Georg Friedrich Händel's compositions. How matchs this together and what's the result of it ? We asked him, the charismatic singer Rolando Villazón.

Händel Boom it goes immediately into the heart. My sould makes only huhuhuhuhu. I have to discover new adventures, new yeah adventures and find new paths and learn new languages, I had to work for 6 months and all is so crystal clear, all is so transparent.

A man on expedition - he searched the baroque and found pure, real, vital attitude to life in Händel's arias and this is exactely what he needed after his existential life crisis. 2005 starts his altitude flight with Anna Netrebko in La Traviata. The new all outshining star at the tenor sky with passion, impetus and in fact esprit. Rolando a jack-of-all-trades, crossways through the whole world and finally till the Metropolitan opera in New York. A grueling opera marathon which took their toll in 2007 - Burnout at the age of 35.

All what I lived, no lived ?! experienced is a consequence of a lot of things, of the way of our opera system nowadays and it was inartificial that this 2 or 3 years where a bit too crazy. I had already a lot of dates with the theatre and between I had to give concerts and interviews and recordings and promotion and bbbbbrrrr it was normal, it came a point where everything was too much.

Too much for the Mexican, break for 5 months, gap, return, family. For returning then, more matured, more relaxed. The comeback with Anna Netrebko in the film adaption of Puccini's La Bohème. And now his personal wellness programm Händel, totally right with his search after inner peace.

Where find I this rest, where find I this place where I can be content, where I can breathe ? Nowadays we can not breathe it's only running, running, running, running, running. Händel I'm sure if somebody doesn't know anything about music or if somebody knows a lot about music they will have a fantastic time during listening to Händel.

Easily wonderful, not surprising incidentally by this "affinity".

Something which is I think very, very important about Händel, I saw this picture and he had really huge eyebrows, I think this is very important for a human.

Says he and draws us the Villazón ähhh pardon Händel


catherine la parisienne hat gesagt…

Thank you very much for the translation.

A bientôt !

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You're welcome Catherine =)

À bientôt ; )

Anonym hat gesagt…

Many thanks for the translation, Christina.

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

It's always a pleisure, Brian ; ) ; )