Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Report about Lucia Met HD and some recordings

I have just returned from the live transmission from the Met of Lucia. It was a very good evening although I was sooooooooo disappointed my Rolando was not singing - the replacement tenor was very good but not Rolando. Anna looked a wee bit fat - the costumes for the production did not suit her and as you know she has gained a little weight having Tiago. Mostly she sang very well but still not as good as before - maybe she is missing her Rolando - certainly the spark was missing from her duets with Edgardo. The audience at the Met gave her a huge ovation - which she did deserve. I am now worried if we will ever hear them together again on stage - I am beginning to believe there is some kind of friction between them. I think Rolando's cold was an excuse and there must be a reason for his cancellation to sing with her in July - I have heard him sing in Russian - we must wait and hear what others think. I have come home tonight and am playing Traviatta with Rolando and Anna - just to keep up my faith in them singing together beautifully with such passion and fun.


Thanks to Maureen for her report ! =)


Anonym hat gesagt…

This report seems to be more about who didn't sing -i.e. "my" Rolando - rather than those who gave such a good performance. Yes -many of us were disappointed that, for whatever reason, Villazon didn't appear as he and Anna bring the very best out of each other.
However, having read many reviews, both professional and otherwise, what nobody seems to have commented on is that during Anna's four performances at the Met in this Lucia, she has been partnered by no less than three Edgardos. That would be difficult enough at the best of times, let alone upon your return after a six months absence for childbirth, and in a role which many people feel is not best suited to her vocal talents. I thought her singing and acting were both superb so I say very loudly "Bravo Anna!"

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

I can only agree with you Brian, bravo Anna ! You're the one and only =)