Dienstag, 25. November 2008

Latest news about Anna

The austrian magazine TT published an article about Anna with extracts of an interview with the german professional magazine "Opernglas" about the following life with Tiago and the afraid of loosing her voice during her pregnancy. Click here to read the whole article in german.

Anna Netrebko wants to cut down: "Family life is the most important thing"
Opera star Anna Netrebko (37) wants to cut down after the birth of her son and reduce the number of her performances.

Hamburg - "I don't want carring more about the people on stage and backstage as for my own child, that I give to the nanny" said the opera diva Anna Netrebko at an interview with the professional magazine Das Opernglas (in the december's issue). "This is an appalling imagination!"

The russian soprano gave birth to a healthy boy at the beginning of september. Tiago Arua's father is the urugayan bass baritone Erwin Schrott (36).

"Our child should simply be a totally normal child", said Netrebko. Arranging career and family life will although not be easy.

"But I have already checked out how my colleagues manage this. If they manage it, I should be able to manage this, too especially I have a wonderful partner at my side, who is actually still more crazy about babies then myself."

The most important for her and Erwin Schrott is an intact and constant family life, said Netrebko. In the first years will the child presumably travel with them.

"But if the school will begin, we have to tought about in which country we want to live." Austria "is absolutely fantastic" but also Spain has a good chance.

After the babybreak Netrebko wants to return on stage in january 2009 with Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor". She will sing Lucia in St. Petersburg and at the Met in New York.

"The dream team/couple of the opera" don't want to give collective concerts. "We aware don't want to mix private life and career too much" said Netrebko.

During her pregnancy she was afraid of loosing her voice, tells the operasinger. "At the 4th month I had interim anguish of loosing her. I needed much more time to recreat myself between two performances."

But it turned out to be that the reason was a pregnancy caused lack of iron.

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Why are you writing in englisch not german???

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Because my blog is for people from all over the world, and english is a language that most of the people are able to speak ! Not very much people could speak german, it's a very different language !

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Yeah but Rolando and Netrebko have most of their fans in german speaking countries. Carlos already has an "English Blog" Why not make a blog for all the german speaking countries? Where is the blog for all german speaking fans?
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The point is that my blog is about Anna AND Rolando and not only about Anna OR Rolando. It's devoted to their special relation.

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Ok I understand! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks a lot ^^