Donnerstag, 6. November 2008

Original signature of Anna and Rolando

Like I have already posted, I wrote to NFP because I wanted to know more about the release of "La Bohème" on DVD. They answered my question AND they said that if I will give them my adress they will send me a "little gift". I thought sure why not. So today I got round and long packet. So I thought oh this could maybe be the placard of Bohème, very nice. Then I opened the packet and it was really the poster. Then I rolled the placard out and saw that it is a original signed filmplacard !!! I can not describe the feelings I had in this moment ! Unbelievable... I'm so so happy ! =) The most wonderful "little gift" I have ever got in my whole life ! Thanks so much !

Rolando's signature

Anna's signature


Carlos hat gesagt…

Dear Christina,

I am not sure if this is Anna's signature. What is sure is that it is not her usual signature. I have several photos signed by her and I saw other signed photos on the net and she does not sign like this. In fact she signs as Netrebko, not Anna as apparently it is signed here. I do not know maybe she is signing as Anna sometimes, but then this would be the first time I see this signature.

If anybody has saw her signing like this, please tell us about it. Rolando signature it is obviously his signature.

In any case congratulations for this "little gift". It is great!

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Yes you're right ! I haven't seen too that she sign with "Anna" only always with "Netrebko" hhmmm...but on the card which was in the packet they wrote "an original signed filmplacard" maybe they told her that on all this placard she should sign with "Anna"...but I don't know. I'm only sure that it's really her sign.