Donnerstag, 27. November 2008

Rolando at the Bambi award 2008

Rolando was at the Bambi award 2008 at Offenburg today. He was Plácido Domingo's laudator who got the bambi in the category classic.

I watched the show and I was so so happy to see Rolando ! His german is nearly perfect and his words were very personal and really honest. Thank you Rolando for being like you are: Just wonderful...

So here's finally the english translation of the video

Dear ladies and gentlemen y caballero!

Im very happy to be here. I am very honoured to be a friend of the next laureate. If he were an athlete, his successes would speak for themselves. He has sung in countless premiers at the grandest opera houses in the world, he has sung for the largest audience, has had the longest ovation, the most CD recordings, he has sung over 130 role. In conclusion, the list of his achievments is "e spectacular" ! But he isnt an athlete, and his art cannot be measured in numbers or records, it can only be experienced. E Chihuahua Maestro !
Maestro Plácido Domingo changed the world of opera. He combined the musician, the singer the actor. He is the complete singer and performer. Shortly after I participated in his talent competition, Operalia, I travelled to New York for an audition. There I met Maestro Domingo at the Metropolitan Opera and he asked me about my plans for the next day. My wife and I were staying for a few days in New York and he invited us spontaneously to Washington to attend his rehearsals together with him for "Le cid", in which he sang the lead role. Seeing him rehearse was one of the most important experiences I had as a young performer. Maestro Domingo combines his experience as a great opera performer with the ambition and fire of a young newcomer who has just received his first chance. He lives 100 % present in every moment. Only a burning soul can achieve all this, only an extraordinary talent together with an indefatigable passion can achieve all this. He has devoted his soul completely to music and drama, he combines his soul with his colleagues and yours, the audience. This Bambi is for a friend, and mentor, who is probably the greatest and most influential singer and performer of today.

He is one of the greatest tenors of all time. Plácido Domingo inspires his audience to true rapture. With the "Three Tenors" he entered into musical history - It is just fantastic that I am able to bring the cultures together with my music. Furthermore he campaigns with all his power for disadvantaged people and donates proceedings of his concerts to charity. Plácido Domingo fills opera houses just like the worlds biggest stadiums. With his wonderful voice and his warm-hearted aura he sings into the souls and the hearts of millions of people.

The classical Bambi, for 2008, goes to Plácido Domingo.

Thank you very much, thank you very much dear ladies and gentleman. Its a great honour for me...


Luvi hat gesagt…

Congratulations, dear Placido! Thank you Christina for the video, even if I couldn't understand quite anything, it is so moving as well. It must have been a great honour for Rolando, he was touched too by the situation. I'll put it in my blog, with your authorization...
Very nice blog!!

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Yes sure you can ; ) Yeah congratulations Plácido ! I will soon post a translation. Nice to hear that you like my blog =)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Merci beaucoup, ChristinaLuise, pour ces magnifiques photos.
Par curiosité, sais-tu ce que Rolando porte au poignet droit (sorte de ruban bleu, que l'on met, en France, au nouveau-né ...)?

J'attends avec impatience la traduction de l'émouvante vidéo de la cérémonie des Bambi.


ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

All the "participants" of the Bambi have to wear such a thing. If you look at older photos f.e. 2006 you can see that Anna had to wear such a thing, too. I know it looks a little bit "stupid" but that's the "rule" ; )