Samstag, 8. November 2008

Anna's latest interview

Anna gives her latest interview to the austrian magazine "news". Hear you can read a short part of it.

News: How are you and how do you experience your new role as a mother ?

Netrebko: I'm feeling gorgeous. I love it to be mother and I'm totally besotted with Tiago. Certainly the whole routine is completely conformed to Tiago - he is still so young and must eat and sleep regularly. So we adapt us.

News: If you see Erwin Schrott on stage: Do you get aspiration to perform soon by yourself ? Do you miss the stage ?

Netrebko: I love my profession and I am sure looking forward to stay at the stage again. But at the moment I am more than content with my life.

News: Have you already again started to sing and how do get along with your voice ?

Netrebko: I maintain what I have dealed with namely that I definitely will not sing "really" two months after the nativity. Nobody could do this. Now I slowly start trying. But I know, nothing come back immediately. You have to work on it.

News: Are you afraid of that your voice is changing ?

Netrebko: I am not afraid of it at all. I have a strong technique and a good breath control. Although I hope that nothing will happen to my voice and that all will be ok. And when the voice will although be changing one day, I will account this for my repertoire.

I hope that the translation is ok =)


Carlos hat gesagt…

Thank you Christine! I am sure that her voice will be fine! I did also read in german news that she has started to go to a gym in Wien. She will fully in shape in January.

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Anna started to go to a gym ?? xD xD xD I agree with you, I think that she will be fully in shape in January ! =)