Dienstag, 12. Mai 2009

Live broadcast of "Ocean of Love"

In the ocean with an opera star

The first TUI-cruiser will in the Hamburg harbour be christened "Mein Schiff" ("My ship"). 120000 visitors are expected for the major event. The russian born opera star Anna Netrebko will on board sind the ship's hymne "Ocean of Love" - the NDR television broadcasts live on Friday evening. [...]

I only translated the heading of the article cause this is the most interessting part. If you want to read the whole one click here.


Anonym hat gesagt…

It it 21h30 tonight? Thanks a lot ! I get lots of german channels including this one 'DNR 'so I will be glad to see german 'bling bling' !!! (Y.)

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

I would have started at 20h15...