Montag, 7. September 2009

Short review about Anna's performance yesterday at the "Great voices in the Kremlin" charity gala

Her dress is soo beautiful, she looks fantastic ! What do you think ?


Flor hat gesagt…

Hi, Christina! I´m looking for the ad vertaisment of hair coloration Anna did recently. I know you posted it once, but I can find it! Is it an image, a video, or both, is there any chance to see the pack, and/or the cober of the cd that cames with the product? Because i have to work on analazing and ad,for "Teoría de la comunicación" and I togth it would be funny to try with this one! Here´s my email, write me of you can help me! Really, thanks! Besos rolanderos from Argentina, Chris! Florencia

Flor hat gesagt…

Jaja, Christina, I gave you a wrong email adress, sorry! It´s Sorry, and Thanks again!