Mittwoch, 2. September 2009

My Big Fat Russian Wedding ???

Anna Netrebko could marry already soon

Anna, we have the date !

"We marry soon, very soon !", revealed Erwin Schrott in the "Seitenblicke Magazin" about his marriage with Anna Netrebko...

09.09.09 ?

"We know the place and we know the date", so the bass-baritone. Alleged it should already happen on 09th September 2009 ! But it's rumoured that the big party should rather not happen in Wien. First Anna didn't make an appointment with her favourite hairdresser Josef Winkler, second she is frightend the hype.

Marriage in Moskow ?

Winkler: "Anna has already often complained about the local fotographers." Also ? A totally hot tip is a "Big Fat Russian Wedding" in her homeland Russia. On 06th September Anna namely gives a concert in Moskow. And her next date, a performance at the Ruhrtriennale in Germany, is first scheduled on 13th September...

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