Donnerstag, 23. Juli 2009

Laziness - Couldn't be buggered

Well I know actually that there's so, so much I should post and write/think about it, but at the moment I don't like blogging...I don't know it's getting on my I thought long about what to do and my result is -> I really like my blog, I'm proud of it in a way and don't wont to close the thing on which I have worked for such a long time and so I decided that I just post once a week - maybe Sunday but I don't know it exactly.
I'm busy cause I should think about what I want to do now, after finnishing school...and now I have finally the time for going out and meet friends, I enjoy I'm not at home very often and can not post regularly.

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edda hat gesagt…

jetzt ist ja auch Sommerpause, und es wird die nächsten Wochen bis zum Beginn der nächsten Spielzeit ohnehin nicht viel zu berichten geben. Genieße den Sommer!!