Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

Many things

Sorry that I didn't wrote anything since Saturday as I had already promised, but I'm ill and the last days I was only lying my bed...There happend a lot...where to begin ??? Hmm...well on Saturday had Anna her first performance of Traviata at the San Francisco Opera. There are some reviews and many, many photos but it would actually need to long to load them up all, cause there are also other things I want to write down...So happend happend, too ?? -> Rolando will not sing Don José in the millenium production of Carmen next year in Vienna with Elina as Carmen and Anna as Micaela ! Click here, here and here. Well of course it's shit for the ones who are having a ticket yet or are trying to get one, but I think it's a good decision he made. The pressure would be soooooooo high if he would sing in this production, the whole world of opera would look (and listen !) at (to) him. If Giordano is a good replace...hmm...we will see...
Maybe I will later also upload some photos of Prague (I really took a lot ^^) It was a great holiday even if we didn't sleep a lot ;)

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