Dienstag, 27. Januar 2009

Video with impressions of Lucia

Because of my non-existing Russian ^^ I don't understand what they are talking about exactely, but it's despite nice to watch =)

Thanks to Elisa for the information !


Here's the translation of the video:

Anna Netrebko (after test singing): My voice is there ! (laughs)
The announcer: Also five months has not passed since that moment as Anna Netrebko has given birth to her son, and the schedule of world tour of the opera star is already painted for a year forward. Now it is necessary to combine at once two roles: to be simultaneously both mum, and the superstar.
Anna Netrebko: It is a sore point for me. While here I combine. I would like to see my husband more often who, unfortunately, sings too. But we will try, that something to make, and the boy, Tiago, today with me.
The announcer: Here in New York on a scene at the Metropolitan Opera is Netrebko again the notice. All tickets are sold. Brilliant singing was waited for by thousand spectators, Russians and Americans.
The first spectator: The fine singer, a brilliant voice, and it seem that after the birth of her child she began to sing even better, than before.
The second spectator: Anna Netrebko is our star. We are crazy about her and consequently what she neither sang and as though she nor sang, it is always fine!
The announcer: In New York the star debuted seven years ago in the opera "War and peace". Here she shone in "Romeo and Juliette". At the theatre "Metropolitan" Anna Netrebko's portrait is placed to the gallery of outstanding sopranos of the present.
On this scene it appears in 60th time. In January and February will the diva execute for the American public in the opera "Lucia di Lammermoor" about destiny of the Scottish girl which has gone mad and has killed the groom.
Bleak story somehow is not so entered at image of present Anna Netrebko – gentle mother, but for her son she sings other songs.
Anna Netrebko: My daddy has presented to me remarkable CD with songs from Russian cartoon films and children's films, and here it – that we listen, and it that I to it sing. I sing Umka′s "lullaby", but he does not sleep, he just listens. He likes the music very much.
The reporter: And can sing?
Anna Netrebko: (Sings) By spoon snow stirring,
Night goes the big...
It is pleasant to me...
The announcer: There were cases when opera singers’ voices vanished after sorts. Anna Netrebko was afraid of it, too . But as soon as undertook for Lucia, she understood: everything is all right. And though now in a life not only the scene, in plans of the star not simply to sing as earlier but to sing even better.

Thanks a lot to Anatoly for the translation !


Anonym hat gesagt…

Sorry , could you check - it's not opera singer - . This is just song about love

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Do you mean the lullaby ?? Well, it stands there, that this ouf a CD with songs from Russian cartoon and children films which her father presented her !