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Rolando's latest interview

Rolando gave his latest interview to the german newspaper B.Z. on 22nd December during two flights, on the way from Paris to Vienna.

The clown and the immortal
After his break burns star-tenor Rolando Villazón at both ends again. Now he losts his heart Händel
and the baroque music. B.Z.-interview about dreams, plays and the danger of singing

Berlin, somewhere in nowhere, not far away from Tegel. Between two flights invited Rolando Villazón (36) to an interview at a conference room. Occasion: His Händel-project, which will drive him to the Philharmonie on 30th April (Tickets: Phone:
(+049)01805/969000555) And it's like always: He waves about, laughs, sings. And the bleak room is going to be the manege.

Buenas dias, Senor Villazón. Do you know in which city you are at the moment ?
Sure of course ! I love Vienna ! (laughs)

So, do you know where you stood up this morning ?
In Paris, at home. I always know, where I am, if I wake up at home.

What did you dream about ?
I dreamed of a footballmatch, which I saw before going to bed on TV. I was on the field, as mascot.

Of what dreamed the little Rolando in Mexico City about ?
I wanted to sing with Plácido Domingo anytime in my life. No kidding ! I have never expected that this dream will come true. This was more like saying: I want to sing with Madonna anytime.

You haven't only sang with Domingo, you have actually kissed Anna Netrebko.
Yes, but I didn't dream about this as a child. (smirks)

You allowed yourself an half-year break. What happend ?
My body and my mind revolted. I just pressed to much into the last four till five yers. I wanted all: singing operas, concerts, recording CDs, celebrate parties, giving interviews.

What did you do during this break ?
Basically - nothing. I reflected, red a lot and played with my sons. I was Odnalor (Rolando aback, the e. o.)and my sons were Dario and Matteo Galactico, the space-heros.

Now you are dashing around the world again, just you were in London, then follows Vienna, Paris, New York. What did you learn out of your break ?
I'm planning better. The things between the performances - there I have to take a rest. I know that I must be more respectfull with my instrument, the voice. But I don't withdraw for a pray at the mountain Athos. This is not how I am. I am ablazing again. Because singing is my immortal elixir. Singing distributes the mind importance.

Now you discovered Händel and baroque for your heart. How was this going on ?
I felt in love with the baroque, if I heard Cecilia Bartoli singing Vivaldi at the Carnegie Hall. The people screamed of rapture, it was like a rock-concert. And because I wanted to adventure something new, I jumped into the adventure. This music is so full of energie, it lets my heart beating faster.

I hope that my translation is ok ! =)


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Quelle chance de lire une si intéressante traduction (car ma connaissance de la langue allemande est nulle...)!
Merci beaucoup, ChristinaLuise, et tous mes voeux pour une excellente année 2009.

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Merci beaucoup Catherine et Jaume =)

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Thank you for your translation and congratulations for your great blog

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Thanks a lot Atticus and welcome to bloggers world ! ; ) Your blog is really nice ; ) I will include you to my fav. blogs

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Gracias por enlazar mi blog.
Hago lo propio con el tuyo.

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Die Idee mit dem Live-Ticker zu Annas erstem Auftritt nach der Babypause finde ich sehr witzig, toller Einfall!
Liebe Luise kann man eigentlich in so einem Blog auch ein Forum einrichten wo man zu allen Themen die Rolando&Anna betreffen schreiben kann? Ist dies technisch mit der "Oberfläche" des Blogs machbar? Ich selbst habe keine Blog-Erfahrung.

Lieben Gruß

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Danke ; ) Hhmm also ein Forum direkt nicht, es gibt halt solche "Boxen" sag ich jetzt mal, wie bei Parsifal oder Carlos wo man einfach irgendwas reinschreiben kann, aber du meinst ja wahrscheinlich mehr sowas wie es in den Gruppen von Facebook gibt. Muss ich leider passen ; )
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