Samstag, 11. Oktober 2008

Anna's new upcoming album "Souvenirs"

"Souvenirs" will be released on 7th november 2008 at Deutsche Grammophon. The CD was recorded in Prague in March 2008. Contributors were the latvian mezzo-soprano Elina Garanca, the polish tenor Piotr Beczala and the 14 years old british boy-soprano Andrew Swait. Emmanuel Villaume conducted the prague philharmonia. On 5th september released already a single extration of "Souvenirs". 1€of every sold CD was contributed to the SOS-Kinderdörfer.

A video from the recording can be watched at Anna's side at Klassikakzente

For more detailed information about "Souvenirs" look at Anna's side at Deutsche Grammophon

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