Freitag, 12. Februar 2010

In the Still of Night - 26th March 2010


Flor hat gesagt…

Dear Christine: Do you have ANY idea of WHEN will Anna and Rolando sing tof¿gheter again??? I can´t wait any longer! It´s been long since i last wrote here, I ´ve got same amazing news:Last nigth i saw L ´elisir once more, this time with my friends and they loved it!!! Andmy last chrismasa prese nt was... Anna and Rolando´s Berlin MANON!!! i SIMPLY LOVEDC IT!!! AMAZING WORK FROM EVERYBODY: Bothe him and her, and aslo the designers of the production!
Well, dear, great blog as always, hope I could undestund german, but ´s all.rigth, don´t worrie!
I live you the link to my blog, wich is already on the villazonista blogroll, in case you are interested:
Beso rolandero!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Christina, dont be so pessimist))
Lets all of us hope, that they will sing together one day. Even, if today they are angry on each other, that chemistry between them will help them to overcome it.

P.S. Chek the link below and start believing.....