Montag, 23. November 2009

Don Carlo

I will get this Don Carlo with Rolando soon, write me if you interessted in, that I upload it for you at Rapidshare !


dvedas hat gesagt…

Liebe Christina!
Es wäre ganz schön, wenn du diesen "Don Carlo" auf rapidshare hochladen könntest.

Vielen im voraus.
Schöne Grüße.

yap hat gesagt…

Hi there,

just butting in, found you through googling this broadcast. If you'd be so kind as to upload it on rapidshare, it would be too good to be true. You could of course also supply the missing bits on youtube - someone else has also uploaded a big chunk there. You probably know each other, Villazonistas and all...;-)

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…


of course I know the Villazonistas ;)) I hope that I will get the DVD soon, then I will try to divide and upload it !