Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Anna Netrebko - The film

Many thanks to victorkievUA for uploading ! Fantastic videos !

A few days ago a friend of mine wrote me this:

"Your videos out of YouTube are actually a television film under the name
"Surprising primadonna Anna Netrebko". The author of the film was the journalist
Galina Mshanskaja, the wife of a star of the Russian theatre and cinema scene Oleg
Basilashvili. Tatyana Andreeva was the director. The shootings already began in 2005 and ended in 2007 cause of Anna's extreme employment. The Premiere of the film has taken place in the Theatrical Museum of St.Petersburg on 08th February 2007. The film has got the main federal television channel RTR which thus became its proprietor. A film the unenviable destiny expected. On the channel RTR it was only showed on 05th May 2007, and in the future it will hardly be shown once again. The producers were careless, when a lot of attention was paid to shot Anna together with her former boy friend Simone (Albergini). Now, when Anna is going to be a married woman and young mum, it will not be shown to the public cause of ethical reasons."

Many thanks for the info !!!

Update: The film was also shown in Germany already by the tv channel ZDF on 25th November 2007 (including some scenes of the Baden-Baden opera gala)

Thank you Marga ! =)

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