Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

Anna Netrebko celebrates with Deutsche Grammophon


yvette hat gesagt…

She is really very funny here!

yvette hat gesagt…

Hope you will read this new mail:
nothing to do with Anna!(sorry)!
Do you happen to know if the free concert Mon Nov the 2nd Daniel Barenboïm conducting,from Gethsemanekirche Berlin
will be broadcast on tv and radio?If so,Where?Thank you so much Christina!
All the best!

yvette hat gesagt…
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ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

Hi Yvette, I have quite a lot to learn today, but I try to find something about that today evening !


yvette hat gesagt…

Hope you will be successful in your studies as much as you are, keeping so nicely this thoughtful blog dedicated to two marvellous singers and actors!
Thanks a lot for this information if you can and if it is not too much time wasted!
Big hugs!

ChristinaLuise hat gesagt…

I'm sorry Yvette, I didn't find anything about a broadcast on tv or radio =(

yvette hat gesagt…

Thanks for having looked for it and hope to read a good review of this concert somewhere! I was tempted to set off to Berlin for this event and
the charity concert on the 4th (Placido Domingo's recital).Best wishes !