Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Jonas and so on

Hi everybody out there,

I know I haven't been here for quite a long time and you're maybe all kind of a bit "disappointed", but I have to state: Yes, I still love opera, I still love Anna (well and yeah also Rolando, even if "our relation is a bit difficult at the moment ^^) and I still love my blog =)
The reason why I am not really blogging at the moment is first that I have a lack of time, you know I go to a foreign language school now and I have to learn a lot. Spanish is completely new for me (nevertheless I've learned French for 5 years...) and we just have 2 years for learning how to speak it like a professional - so a lot of work in front of us ^^
And the second (most important) reason is that I don't have the feeling anymore that my blog is "useful" 'cause there are so many other great blogs e.g. The Anna fan blog etc that there is no need for my one. They all have much more information then I do, so.....

But let me shout out why I am actually writting: Jonas ! *yeah* :D I will be on his concert in Munich next Tuesday ! How cool is that ?! Will anybody of you be there too ? Comment it below ! =)
I think it'll be once again a really great experience, especially because I have an operated foot ^^ I'm going to write a "review" about the concert and make a lot of photos, like you are used to it =)


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